Fun Ways To Introduce Your Children To The Dentist

There are many universal truths and a big one concerns the dentist.  No matter how much we want to avoid them or what stories we can tell ourselves to convince us that we don’t need to go, eventually we need to visit a dentist.  For children, this can be a scary thing, and if the adults in their lives run from the dentist then, dentist for kids pacoima will be twice as scary.

Sing Songs

Children love interactivity.  When entering into a new environment the unknown makes children think the worst.  One way that we can avoid this or at least make it less intense is to tell stories or sing songs.  When doing this we can engage children at their level, using words and music.  If children hear these they will begin to relate and understand the topics we are talking about and as a result be able to adapt.

Use props

dentist for kids pacoima

Cartoons, puppets and other creations are great ways for people to learn and educate children.  This is why we see these items on television shows and in movies.  In our homes we are able to use the same concepts to teach tasks and values that we want our children to learn.  A great example of this would be to get a large stuffed tooth and maybe a large plastic toothbrush.  With these props we can show the steps in which we want our children to brush their teeth, they can use these to repeat the actions and then when they understand, translate them back to the real items.

Find a fun dentist

There are a lot of dentists that are fun.  Before brining your child to the dentist office consider walking in by yourself and talk to the dentist and others that work there.  Explore the environment and see how you would feel getting your teeth looked at there.  Then, when you are comfortable bring your children. 

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